Sartell students want a better “main street”


Sydni Scherr

This is where I think the main street of Sartell should be located.

Sartell students need more local businesses to hang out at after school, so we can bring our community closer. 

Right now we only have Caribou in Coborns, Rock Solid, Sartell Vibe, and the Bowling Alley, but the problem is most students feel that we do not have any local business for students to be connected with the community and everyone is all over the place. 

I interviewed a variety of Sartell students to see what they have to say about their own town. With everyone I interviewed, I asked some basic questions and one of them was if they would rather hang out in Saint Cloud or Sartell? 90% of the students all said that they all prefer Saint Cloud because there are more things to do, and they are more connected. 

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I would like to see more of a “main street” in Sartell, so we can have more of a sense of our own community.”

— Ashton Lipinski

Having a main street would mean that it would be more student friendly and hopefully, there would be more things to do in our town. A lot of students are in favor that we have our own sense of “main street” but don’t really know what we really want. 

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We need places to hang out, but not brand name places, but a startup made by students.”

— Jacob Bjelland, senior

I think the whole student body can agree that we do not have many sit down restaurants. So in this “main street” we would like to see restaurants, cafes, a rec center, a movie theater, then also something we can add together as students.

I think it would be really cool if we have this in the strip mall where Blue Line is and just add all these ideas within the strip mall and around Blue Line. 

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We need to have a place that is more based on teens.”

— Sarah Avery, freshman

This is very true and that is why it is so important to have it in the location that it is listed because it is in the heart of Sartell and everyone knows where Blue Line is. I believe if we really want this we should start doing this in the near future. Also a little reminder from a senior student Carter Potthoff did say that “In order to have a sense of community it is very important to have a positive attitude and be involved.”