Best snowmobile trails in Minnesota


Logan Kubesh

Minnesota winters are perfect for enjoying the outdoors by taking up snowmobiling!

For those of you who snowmobile, the trails are one of the most important details when riding because if the trail sucks, your riding isn’t going to be that fun. But if the trail is very smooth and scenic, the ride will be way more fun. Minnesota has some of the best trails for snowmobilers that make the winter much more enjoyable.   

Duluth/North Shore Area

One of the first places I think of when someone mentions snowmobiling is Duluth. The trails there are amazing and if you love just peaceful riding, then I would suggest this area. The trail I love the most is the Duluth Cross Town Trail.  It’s 33 miles long and is one of the best trails up there.  It is quite scenic with Lake Superior always in the background. The trail is always smooth too.  

You can also take in some of the North Shore vibe and hop onto the C.J. Ramstad/North Shore State Trail.  It starts north of Duluth and runs 146 miles up toward Grand Marais. There are definitely good lake views on this trail also.


I love snowmobiling here when I have the chance. It’s extra enjoyable because of how amazing Ely looks in the winter.  If you ever get an opportunity, I would highly recommend going to Ely any time.   

My favorite trail in that area is the Iron Birch Trail. This trail is equally scenic as the Cross Town Trail in Duluth.  There are also other trails in Ely that wind through state parks.  There are trails that go through Bear Head State Park, the Soudan Underground Mine State Park, and Bear Island State Forest.


The Willard Mungar State Trail is a top spot for those coming from the Twin Cities.  It’s only an hour north of the cities, and it runs about 70 miles toward Duluth.  So you won’t get any Lake Superior views, but the area is still beautiful.  You can also try out the Soo Line Trail that is pretty local.  It runs 126 miles from Superior, WI to our very own neighboring town of Royalton.

You have to live here in the winter, so you might as well enjoy it.  If you haven’t taken up snowmobiling, I’d highly suggest it!


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