Carb up with Emily and Lauren

The Local Blend in St. Joe, MN offers many yummy scones!

Emily Davis

The Local Blend in St. Joe, MN offers many yummy scones!

On Saturday morning, we took a delicious trip to Scone City, aka, Rock Creek Coffeehouse in Sauk Rapids, Local Blend in St. Joe, and Great Harvest Bread in Waite Park, MN. 

Emily Davis
This is what you see when you first enter the Local Blend in St. Joe

Our first stop was Starbucks, obviously, so we have something to wash down our scones with. After Starbucks, we headed to The Local Blend. There we had Maple Pecan scones. It was very average. It was partly average because Lauren isn’t a big fan of pecans, and the nuts weren’t just on the top.  They were mixed up all over in the scone. Emily also thought the scone was pretty dry and the flavor wasn’t as “POW!” as the other places.  We rated it as a 7.5/10.

The atmosphere at the Local Blend was very comforting though. They had excellent staff; they immediately acknowledged us and brought us our food quickly and conveniently.

Our second stop was Rock Creek Coffeehouse in Sauk Rapids. There we enjoyed raspberry white chocolate scone. Emily liked this one the best and rated it a 10/10. She liked the fact that they heated it up for her, and it was just all around perfect.  Lauren liked it better than the previous scone and rated it 9/10. Saying it was just a little bit dry. 


It was a little dry. ”

— Lauren Sip

At Rock Creek, once we ordered they asked us if we would like the scones heated up. It was the only location that asked us if we would like it heated up. Rock Creek had a more cleaned up coffee shop vibe but still cozy.

The last stop of the day was Great Harvest Bread. There we chomped on a blueberry peach scone. This one was Lauren’s favorite, rating it 10/10. Emily rated it a 9/10.  It was rated so high because the combo blueberry & peach was perfection.  It was also the least dry.

Great Harvest Bread had the biggest scones for the cheapest prices. If you are ever wanting a good, cheap scone Great Harvest is the place to go.