The fox just might be man’s new best friend


photo via verge science under the creative license

Foxes may be on their way to doghood and may be the next best friend of man.

I have a question, what is the cutest animal?  There may be tons of answers but let’s be honest. The fox is definitely one of them and it’s high tier.

If you don’t know, the fox is usually an animal that people can’t keep as pets because they are just too wild. But a Russian scientist Dmitry K. Belyaev figured that dogs through the ages have been bred to be submissive and friendly to humans. He figured there might be a way to domesticate foxes. So he got a group of foxes and slowly bred them to be nicer to people.

Basically, he allowed the ones who were more friendly to breed and the more aggressive ones to not. Thus slowly breeding them to be less wild to people. He eventually created a group of domesticated foxes. The foxes people have as pets now can be in your home but just know they are still very cheeky and like to get into trouble.  That characteristic can’t be bred out of them yet. They love to tear up couches and drapes so be careful. That’s why a lot of people who own them sometimes just keep them outside so they can be in-tune with nature but still be around to be your pet.

All the info you need is in the video above.

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