The Mandalorian is a win on Disney Plus


photo via hollywood reporter under the creative rights

The Mandalorian is about a bounty hunter who is know for completing any job he is given.

If you are one of the people who got Disney+ and haven’t watched The Mandalorian yet, then I have NO idea what goes on in your head because this show is the best.

This show is officially the show with the biggest budget of all time:  100 million dollars. This is the type of backing this show has so you would think they are fairly confident in it.  Seeing as they are marketing it exclusively with Disney+ and have the show be its main drive for getting Disney+, and they are right. This show is a breath of fresh air.

The first episode is paced perfectly. Some people criticize it for being too slow, but that is the point; it’s adjusting you for the world the Mandalorian lives in and his ways. It is to show you his normal routine and his style of doing his routine. But now for the actual plot of the episode. Spoilers ahead!

Episode 1 opens with a cantina in a snowy planet and a group of guys assaulting someone at the bar saying they will sell him for parts when the Mandalorian walks in. He interrupts the skirmish and easily beats the group of guys with just a few moves. He then goes to the guy who got assaulted and puts down a puck. The puck then displays information saying the man is wanted for a bounty, and he says,”I can take you warm, or I can take you cold.” He then takes the man onto his ship freezing him in carbonite. He then delivers them to the guild master, a man who runs the whole bounty hunter guild full of many bounty hunters.

He then gets the quest for a certain asset, the highest bounty available in the area. It’s a job for an old imperial man who has stormtrooper guards. But that’s all I want to reveal. Get Disney+ if you want to know more!!

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