SHS eats organic


Photo via Marco Verch under the creative commons license

Brightly colored organic food section at Whole Foods.

I think organic food is better for the earth and healthier for your body.

For food to be organic, it must be produced without any GMO’s or synthetic fertilizers. In my opinion, one of the most essential things to buy organic is produce because it is grown with natural fertilizers and the farmers don’t use any chemicals on the food itself.

In a survey of 143 students at Sartell High School, 72.7% said that they eat organic food while the other 27.3% do not. In the same survey, 58.4% said that organic food tastes better, compared to the 41.6% that said no. Most of the people that eat organic buy their food at Coborns, Fresh Thyme, or farmers’ markets.

It’s healthier in comparison to the typical packaged food the majority of America eats today. Additionally, it satisfies the appetite and prevents frequent cravings.”

— A survey participant

When asked in the survey if they think organic food has benefits many students said that they think “it’s healthier” or “there are no chemicals in it and they are fresher.”  One student stated that “I think that eating organic is important to help support farmers not using GMOs. There is extensive research that GMOs can be harmful to the environment, and are altering our diets.” 

Buying organic food from local farmers’ markets is a great way to support local and small businesses, and you are always getting fresh and healthy food. During the summer in Sartell, farmers’ markets are held every Monday in the Bernick’s arena parking lot from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. In the winter the market is held at the Sartell community center. The markets give residents access to good healthy food right in their own city for an affordable price. For more information on the Sartell, farmers market click here.