Sartell gymnastics team kicks off 2019-2020 season



The Sartell Gymnastics team starts their 2019-2020 gymnastics season.

The Sartell gymnastics team began their 2019-2020 season on Monday, November 11th. This year there is a total of 18 girls on the team, including one senior, eight juniors, seven sophomores and two freshmen. The captains this year are senior, Brenna Chisholm, and juniors, Emma Schwartz and Marley Michaud. 

The Sartell gymnastics team is welcoming a new head coach this year, named Briquelle Joseph . The team describes Briquelle as encouraging, determined, and very dedicated. The team says they are lucky to have such an amazing and positive coach like her. 

The Sartell gymnastics team has also just switched this year from Class A to Class AA, leaving the team with a total of 13 meets for this season (not including the state meet). 

I got the chance to interview some members of the team about this year’s season, and here are their answers. 

Q: What are you most excited for this season?

A: I’m excited for our team to come together and have fun every day – Emma Schwartz

A: I’m excited to bond more with the team and really get to know the freshman- Carly Yang


Q: What is the team’s overall goal for this year?

A: We want to work hard and wherever that takes us we will be happy – Emma Schwartz

A: The big goal for our team is to go to state and just do the best we can at every meet – Carly Yang


Q: What is your personal goal for this year?

A: I want to be a leader for everyone on the team – Emma Schwartz

A: I would like to upgrade my skills, and be a good role model for everyone on the team – Carly Yang


Q: How do you feel about being a captain this year?

A: I am glad that I am a captain, but I would be a leader no matter who the captains are – Emma Schwartz