19 year old student killed in a university parking lot


photo via Flickr used under the Creative Commons license.

An empty parking garage pictured for a comparison to the University of Illinois garage.

Ruth George, a 19 year old college student, was found dead in a parking garage located in the University of Illinois over the weekend of November 23-24. 

Police say Ruth was strangled to death by 26 year old Donald D. Thurman. Thurman was arrested for first degree murder and aggrvated sexual assualt. There was no found connection between Thurman and the university. 

My worst fear when I’m alone at night is being attacked and kidnapped by someone, but I could never imagine the pain of it actually happening.”

— Ella Doeden, SHS junior

George’s family had called in the night before she was found dead because she was missing. The police tracked her phone’s location to the parking garage and found her lifeless body. 

Ruth was described as an honor student “who dreamed of becoming a physical therapist to heal people and who has always there to lend a hand to her peers, many of whom would seek her out because of her compassion towards others.”

I just hope her family and friends get justice for what happened to Ruth”

— Ella Doeden

Students who attend the University of Illinois have reported being frightened and scared because of this incident. Students have finals on December 9, which caused the students to stay late at the campus library connected to the parking ramp. 

Police have not yet revealed when Thurman would appear in court or who his attorney will be.