Dying for Democracy

"We believe this is the last stand for our future and freedom" - Chan


Abby Aiz

The protesters in Hong Kong who are fighting for Democracy and freedom have a flag to help represent their fight. This flower is part of that flag.

Relentless protests appear to be paying off in Hong Kong where recent elections show Pro-Democracy candidates celebrating major gains.  As of Monday, multiple Pro-Government officials had already lost their seats. These results stem from ongoing protests that began in March of this year.  The protests have become increasingly more violent over the past eight months.

In an interview with CNN, citizen Patrick Chow explained how he was shot and why he chooses to protest.  Chow mentioned that the police officer thought he was trying to grab his gun and fired because he felt threatened by multiple protesters.  Chow also told CNN that he participates in protests because he believes that the Hong Kong government has denied its people rights that they were promised in The Basic Law.  He was eventually arrested for unlawful assembly and attempted robbery of a gun and released on bail. The recent events in Hong Kong can be viewed as a reminder of the importance of rights among citizens.

Democracy and freedom are basic things. But the Hong Kong government has denied it to us.”

— Patrick Chow

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