Super Smash B R U H


photo via eventbrite under the creative commons license

Super Smash is a game featuring multiple game characters from Nintendo and multiple other franchises fighting it out.

If you haven’t bought Super Smash Ultimate yet, is it because you are still deciding or that you don’t want to buy something to play on? If you have played any Super Smash game in the past, then I 100% recommend this game to you because it’s fun, the combat is fast and clean, and there are almost no glitchy attacks. 

The DLC characters are all fun and there is a new introduction to the Smash world that fits in nicely. The game also gets consistent patches for certain minor glitches, character balances, and item changes. This game is probably the most consistent Super Smash game to date. 

The story mode is rather fun and has a good story and boss battles. It centers around battling spirits of video game characters. The maps and the way they lay these battles out are just very cool; the attention to detail is off the charts. But one problem it has is the difficulty. Some battles just skyrocket in difficulty and sometimes leave you angry and not wanting to complete the story mode. 

The online mode is ok at best. It has a preferred rule-set on so you have to select what matches you want to get into.  Unfortunately, sometimes it just throws you into a random match you didn’t even want to play in the first place. The main way matchmaking works is you have GSP (Global Smash Power), and if you win a match, it goes up, and if you lose, it goes down. But even with that in mind, sometimes you just get thrown into a match with someone who has three times the GSP as you and you just get destroyed.

Even with all that in mind, it is still very fun to play and addicting. I found it very hard to put down the controller. This game is reaching its one year anniversary soon, so if you are still not sure of buying it just know….there ain’t much you can do on the Switch anyways. 

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