Call of Duty Modern Warfare review


photo via activision under the creative commons license

Call of Duty modern warfare is a first person shoot that has you as soldiers of the SAS and the marines and talks about modern war and different ways it is done.

Do you like playing video games? Then you might have heard of the new Call of Duty game, Modern warfare.

If you have been thinking of buying this game, then this review will be amazing to know before going and buying it. First off, the story of the game is very mature and is just a very good story in general. Before playing it, the game gives you a warning about the mature content and you get an option to back out and keep playing multiplayer. It’s story is about captain price, a CIA agent named Alex, Sargent Garric,  and Farrah Karim. Without going into any more detail, it tells the story of the struggle over a middle eastern country and Russia. The story was very much worth it and very fun to play.

Now on to the multiplayer. For people who have been playing Call of Duty for a long time, you would be excited at first but then very disappointed. They tried to structure the game in a Rainbow 6 siege way but with the Call of Duty community, it doesn’t mix well.

In this game, they tuned up the footsteps and the time to kill with a gun (essentially you die faster). So seeing this, a regular player knows what this means. Camping which is not moving and just trying to get kills by hiding is inspired and encouraged in this game. Running and gunning, which was the main point of COD is now impossible because people can hear you from a mile away and know where you are coming from.

Also, the mini map is twice as small as the other CODs. But the two things they did to the game that make it really hard to tolerate is by adding a certain shotgun and claymore. The claymores in older games would give a very easy-to-see red light and a tick before going off, giving you a chance to escape it before exploding. But not in this Call of Duty. It kills you the second you see it and the red light is very dim, making it very hard to see. The shotgun’s distance to kill is double that of the other shotguns and it’s a double-barrel. 

It’s a very frustrating multiplayer, but they have added so many game modes, you can just escape into them and have fun exploring all the different games. The problems I listed like the shotgun and mini map do have a patch coming by the end of the week. So they will get fixed and maybe all the others will as well. Overall, if you are a fan of Call of Duty but are sick of the terrible future stuff they were doing, then this game is perfect for you.

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