Sabres fall to the Spuds after a back and forth showdown


Angie Heckman

The volleyball team and coaches celebrating after huge victory in the sections semifinals against Alexandria.

After a successful season the Sartell Sabres volleyball team lost the section finals game to the Moorhead Spuds. The Sabres finishing with a record of 26-2, lost in four sets. The team played well and excelled on the court all season long.

The team consisted of Hope Grasswick, Avery Templin, Maya Workman, Morgan Vosberg, Elizabeth Dille, Paige Mackenthun, Taylor Vos, Kaylee Oehrlein, Cali Keller, Gretta Mahowald, Katelyn Hammer, Courtney Snoberger, and Faith Wettstein.

Senior Paige Mackenthun said, “This season was unforgettable.”

The future for Sartell Volleyball is looking good according to Paige, “I think they’re gonna be really successful because there are a lot of returning players, and a lot of really good players, and a lot of really young players.”

Senior Cali Keller said, “We were such a strong team because we have all been playing together for a long time.  It helped build such a strong connection with each other.”

The students in the crowd would agree they were more than just teammates. It was clear on the court that they were friends working together to make the win happen. Cali said she will take away the positivity and the best friends she made with her seven years of playing this sport.

Coach Hornseth and Coach Smith are beyond proud of these girls. All of their hard work paid off. Coach Smith said she feels awesome after this season, “They were an awesome group to be in the gym with.”

She also mentioned how amazing the team chemistry was. “They created everything you guys saw.  Their chemistry was unbelievable; they worked so well together. They came into the gym wanting to get better every single day.”

Coach Smith is super excited for next year.  She asked during the interview, “Can we start tomorrow?”

She would also love to rewind and redo this season because of all the fun the team shared. Coach Smith and Coach Hornseth cannot thank the seniors enough: “They were awesome; they will be super hard to replace.  Thank you ladies.”

They came into the gym wanting to get better every single day.”

— Coach Smith

Sartell High School is beyond proud of every girl on the team.  They finished with a phenomenal season. A huge congratulations to Coach Hornseth, Coach Smith, and the girls on the team.