Lebron James promises more than just education


Abby Aizcorbe

The I promise school that Lebron James funded in Akron Ohio.

Lebron James announced on Monday, November 4th that he will be adding “safe housing” to the school that he founded in Akron, Ohio, his hometown. 

The housing will come from an old apartment building that is currently being renovated. James founded his I Promise School in 2018, and it now enrolls 343 students.  He hopes to provide these families with transitional housing that is safe and affordable. 

With this announcement came the founding of the Promise Village which works together with Graduate Hotels to help Lebron’s dreams of creating a place where the kids feel “safe, supported, and loved.” The Promise Village is expected to be a tremendous step for Lebron’s foundation and for the kids of Akron.

There’s always more to be done when it comes to giving my kids an opportunity to be successful in life. Every barrier we remove can possibly change their family’s life and we’re never going to stop!!”

— LeBron James

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