The court is in session!


Janine Grasswick

SHS Senior Hope Grasswick, libero, gets ready to send a serve flying over the net.

With an overall record of 25-1, the Sartell High School varsity volleyball team is focusing on staying positive as they make their way through playoffs. The team is heading to Section finals in Alexandria to play Moorhead, the fans are very hopeful that they make it all the way to state. Senior Hope Grasswick is the libero and has been since freshman year, which means that she focuses on the back row and passing the ball so it can be set then hit. 

The team has been doing well this year compared to other years where they usually get taken down by Sauk Rapids. The volleyball team has been receiving a lot of recognition for many accomplishments such as Junior Elizabeth Dille completing 1,000 kills in her position. 

When asked if the volleyball team gets the recognition they deserve, Grasswick said: “I definitely do this year. I feel like especially just because we have been doing so well and so I think that there’s a lot of recognition that has gone towards our team.” 

[Receiving the spotlight] is great since they have been working their butts off.”

— Hope Grasswick on her teammates

Grasswick has been playing volleyball since 5th grade and has been devoted to the sport ever since growing up and playing volleyball with her older sisters. The team values teamwork and making sure that they are playing for a team and not themselves. 

Grasswick stated that the most important thing to remember on the court is “It’s just that you are playing for a team and not for yourself.   You can’t be selfish with volleyball because in my position I pass the ball so it can be set and that somebody can get a kill.”

With the season coming to an end within the next month, the seniors are filled with hope that they make it to state and finish the season off strong. 

Grasswick doesn’t plan on playing volleyball in college because she thinks that “It would be a really big commitment and I think it would be hard for me to focus on school if I do go for nursing.” 

Finishing off her senior year on the volleyball team Grasswick stated that she is “thankful and very grateful because I have been playing with these girls since 6th grade, so I just feel like we have really become a really close-knit group of girls. I think that’s why we are so successful, so I think that it’s going to be really hard to leave them.” 

Grasswick also stated that once she is graduated “I can’t wait to come back and watch the girls next year and see how they do.”