The Joker movie is no laughing matter


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The Joker is a movie that will have you glued to your seat!

On Sunday I saw the new Joker movie. My first impression was that the cinematography was amazing, and the theme is very dark. Let me say it is rated R for a reason so make sure you know what you are getting into beforehand.

You are really given a perspective of the mentally ill man Arthur Fleck. During the movie, you can tell there is something not right with him…like something is off all the time.  Because of this, it makes for a great rewatch to see details you missed the first time around.

I enjoyed the movie and thought that it was an amazing breakdown of the character and why he is the way he is. There is a scene in the movie that is a metaphor for him going into a cocoon like a caterpillar and when he comes out he is very different than before and more sure of himself.

Now from here on out, I will be talking spoilers so if you want to just leave this article because you want to see the movie for yourself ,you have been warned. 

Like I’ve said before, the story of the joker is about Arthur Fleck and his mental disorders. One of his disorders causes him to laugh when he is in uncomfortable situations or experiences trauma and sadness. A lot of times his psychotic laughter makes him a target for people to harass him. He had a job as a clown for hire where he does jobs like singing and dancing for children at the hospital or to wave a sign in front of a store going out of business. But one day he gets mugged by a bunch of kids after they smack him with his own sign. Then you see one of his co-workers give him a gun. 

Now being that Arthur has a serious mental illnesses, it’s illegal for him to have a gun, so you know this can’t lead to anything good. This comes to pass when he was working at the children’s hospital, and he drops the gun leading him to get fired. Now it isn’t fully explained but the co-worker who gave him the gun to get him fired since they didn’t like him and picked on him a lot. But on the train ride home, he gets confronted by three men dressed up in suits.  They start picking on a woman on the train and when Arthur gets uncomfortable he starts to laugh uncontrollably leading the guys to start beating him up and calling him a freak.

This is the moment he snapped. He ends up shooting two of the guys in the head and when the third guy tries escaping, Arthur shoots him in the leg. When the train stops, the guy makes a break for the stairs of the subway. Unfortunately for him, Arthur catches him in time and shoots him in the back three times. This is where the movie really shows it isn’t messing around.

Because in the next scene, Arthur is in the bathroom dancing, and you get the sense he enjoyed killing those three men. It makes the scene uncomfortable, but that is all I will share for now because the best scenes are best watched and interpreted by you.