photo via wikipedia under the creative commons license

tiktok is an app about lip singing to a song or just making random videos.

If you are a person who is under the age of 20 you most likely know what Tiktok is. Well to be fair, the amount of advertising the app gets on YouTube is plentiful, so a lot of the world should know of it.

If you don’t know, then I will give you the low down. Tiktok is an app that was given rise out of the app music.ly. After it was revamped and re-advertised as its new name Tiktok, it quickly rose in popularity. Its main videos were people lip syncing songs and dancing, but soon people on the app began to see that it was a bit cringey. People began to use the feature of being able to add their video next to others called “duet.” 

This started many trends and videos mocking the cringey people on the app, and it quickly became an app taken over by people who are just making dumb and funny videos and become essentially Vine #2. Even today it’s still rather popular but the funny videos have taken over the app.  The cringe has also survived, sadly. Visit the app at your own risk.

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