New school, new me?


Students are loving the new modern and simple look of the new high school.

Over the course of the past month, SHS students all have had a chance to adjust to the new school. Some are feeling really great about everything while some have a few suggestions on how to make things a little bit smoother. From looking at the school while driving by to having classes in it, there certainly have been drastic changes. 


After the link was sent out, three hundred and fifty-six SHS students took the LeSabre survey on the new high school, and they provided feedback on many of the key aspects of the new school.

The locker situation at the new school seems to have some students upset about the size and placement of their lockers. When asked in a survey if they like the new lockers, out of the 356 respondents, 76.1% of the students said that they absolutely hate them. 0.3% of students said that they loved the lockers. 96.1% of students said that they think the locker bays are way too crowded.

Senior Carter Pothoff, stated that he does not like his bottom locker because “I don’t like having to deal with people above me.”  

The highly anticipated new parking lot, which allows many students to park wherever they want and includes a roundabout, caused some students to question the new lot. 13.5% of students thought that the parking lot is not efficient compared to the old one, while 6.5% thought that it is really efficient. 32.6% of people were in the middle. When asked what could be done to make it more efficient, many students said to “make more exits”; “not have people stop in the roundabout”; and one person suggested “letting each grade out at different times.”   

Pothoff also thinks that the parking lot is “about the same” when it comes to how efficient it is compared to the old parking lot.

The glass classroom walls have brought up some safety concerns for some, while other people are glad it lets in natural light. In a survey with 356 responses, 50.8% of students said they don’t like the glass walls and 49.2% of students said they do like them. The 50.8% of students that don’t like the walls, 72.2% said they think they are distracting, and 62.7% said they don’t think the walls are safe. The 49.2% of students that said they like the glass walls, 78.2% like the natural light, and 26.2% like that you can see what is going on in the halls. 

Sophomore Parker McCabe thinks that the glass walls are “distracting.”  He continued with “When I am sitting in the middle of class and teachers are lecturing, I just get distracted and out of focus.”  He also mentioned that classrooms more toward the west end of the academic wings have more distracting traffic than the eastern classrooms.

The lunchroom has many more choices compared to last year including The Dish, Sabre Grill, By The Slice, Watab Deli, and Global Flavors.

Freshman Alyssa Valdez shared that “I think there’s a lot of options for lunch,” and she thinks that “It’s better than last year [at the middle school].”

16.9% of students said they love how lunch is set up while 6.2% said they don’t like it at all; 32.6% of students are in the middle. Out of the students that like lunch, 77.3% like how many choices there are and 44.7% think it is more organized. The students that said they don’t like lunch only 37.3% said that it is too crowded. 

Freshman Carter Kubinski stated that “The line is a lot smoother and faster than it was last year” and “It was too narrow” last year.

Greater St. Cloud

The new school came with many nice and new things that students really seem to love while there are some things that students aren’t a fan of. Students said that their favorite parts are all of the new comfy furniture and all the areas around the school to work and finish assignments.

Bella Schmitt, SHS senior, likes “the new modern style, feel” of the new school.

When asked what they most dislike about the new school, students said the parking lot and the size of the lockers.