Thinking of visiting New York?

New York City. The Concrete Jungle. The Big Apple. The place where dreams are made of. New York is pretty amazing if you ask me. As the largest city in America, it is a must-have on your bucket list for touring.

Now if you have visiting/living in New York on your bucket list, as I do, you might want to learn more about the city.

In this article, I will cover some eyebrow-raising facts, lesser-known tourist attractions and some tips to help you navigate the big city.

Interesting facts about New York City

The first thing that you most likely need to know is that an average-sized apartment costs around $3,400 a month. Yikes. But Manhattan is the borough that costs that much, most of the other boroughs cost less.

Another thing you may need to know is more than 800 languages are spoken around the city. So if you are fluent in other languages, you will have no problem fitting in.

Popular Tourist Attractions

We all know the classic NY spots that are the definition of New York City. So if you go there, you must check these places out.

Lesser-known Tourist Attractions

Now we get into lesser-known tourist attractions. One in particular is the Grand Central Terminal Whispering Gallery.

Their website says, “Stand with your ear right up against the tile work in the domed intersection of walkways on the lower floor of Grand Central Terminal and you’ll discover a secret: a corner-to-corner whispering gallery.”

You could also swing by the ruins of the  Roosevelt Island Hospital which have been abandoned for a long time. It was a smallpox hospital that closed down. Definitely a spooky must-see if you’re visiting in October.

Best Food in NYC

I don’t think there’s only one food that takes the cake because in NY, food is what they do best. I would visit both posh and street like restaurants to get the full experience. Some really fancy, highly rated restaurants I would visit is Boucherie Union Square. They are rated 4 1/2 stars and have plenty of good reviews. Another one would be Daniel. It is rated 5 stars and is one of the best 5 star-reviewed restaurants in NY.

Two of the best street restaurants I found was Wafels & Dinges, rated 4 1/2 stars with 45 reviews. The other one was Masala Times, rated 4 stars and it has 59 reviews. There’s also many food trucks and stands on the street.


Plan everything well in advance, make sure you have a safe amount of money, watch yourself and be smart, don’t do stupid things, and best of all, enjoy the big city in all its glory.

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