SHS students pepped up for the Pepfest

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The student body of SHS participated in the Homecoming pepfest, Friday of Homecoming week and was held in the new gym. The biggest reason was to get pumped up for the homecoming game and to honor the fall sports teams. 

The MC’s for this years pepfest was Sophomores Carter Bright and Mitiku Nies. Carter and Mitiku sat with the faculty King and Queen, Mr.Oistad and Mrs.Smith.


First up was all the teachers and faculty warming up the crowd with dancing to The Git up by Blanco Brown. The audience loved them and was hilarious and quite amusing.

Girls swimming was first with doing a dance number that involved fake CPR for the finale. The next was the lacrosse team doing a number that involved running around in a giant circle and then playing dead. Third up was girl’s basketball with a number that involved throwing shades on the ground and making it ‘rain money’.

Nyah Wolf
Girls swimming

Nyah Wolf
Lacrosse team


Nyah Wolf
Girls basketball

Boys soccer was up with splitting into two groups, the gentleman and the bad boys dueling each other in a dance battle. Involved lifting someone in the air and ending with everyone sitting on the floor all in a line pretending to drive a car.  A 1950s vibes going on if I may say. 

Everyone got pumped for boys football getting into a big line and doing a dance battle between two people. Also involved lifting and carrying someone in the air while everyone followed.

Nyah Wolf
Boys football

Nyah Wolf
Boys soccer

Girls tennis doing a Single Ladies gig that ended with Mr.Snyder running across the gym after they finished. Last but not least was girls volleyball. In their number they got in two lines and formed a little undergo that some players went under. They also put some flexible gymnastics moves in with most of the team kneeling in front of them. All teams had very fun music to dance and sing along to, with popular dances to go with it.

Nyah Wolf
Girls volleyball

Nyah Wolf
Girls tennis

When those compilations were over, the faculty plus the MC’s decided that boys soccer had won first, girls swimming was second, boys football was third. A bag of candy was the prize for everyone.

After all the teams finished, the two screens on the walls started playing a compilation of people who were at football games, dances, the super-intendants, cheerleaders, a PSA about the homecoming dance last Saturday. After that was a compilation of the carnival as well.

Because we have a new gym, there was a lot more space and we could use both sides that way we weren’t all squished together. There were freshmen and seniors on one side with the pep band in the middle, and sophomores and juniors on the other side.

What was quite disappointing to most people was that most of the teams faced towards the freshmen and seniors, while the juniors and sophomores had to watch the backs of them. 

As junior Charlie Monson put it, “I got what they were doing, putting the seniors and freshmen on the same side, but the dance is the best part and we barely got to see it. Next year either change seating or have the dancers face both sides.”


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