Junior team wins the Sartell Powderpuff game


Alyssa Gehrke

Senior, Brenna and Junior, Marley playing powderpuff at the 2019 hoco carnival

On Tuesday the 17th, girls in the Junior and Senior class participated in the Powderpuff Football game at the school Carnival. 

Many people showed up to watch the game, and they all sat along the side of the field. Most stayed throughout the whole game, but some left before the game ended. The game went throughout the whole carnival and ended when the students were let back into the building.

Both teams had their own shirts, which were made by someone on the team, and they had their own coaches which consisted of people in their grade. 

The senior powderpuff coaches consisted of Brady S., Cody L., Jacob B., Luke W., Jack E. The junior powderpuff coaches consisted of Blake H., Alex F., Andrew A., Kalen L., Ethan T. The coaches were in charge of making the plays and making sure people showed up to practice. If you didn’t show up to the practices, you were not allowed to play in the actual game.

The game was played during the carnival. The beginning consisted of stretching and warming up, and after that they played until the very end. The plays were short, and they either ended with someone dropping the ball, or someone scoring a point. if you didn’t show up to practice you weren’t allowed to play.

The juniors won this year, which was a surprise to most. Usually the seniors win because the game is rigged to end that way. Though this year was different, you actually had to work hard to score points, and the game was played fair.