Matt’s Movie Corner: Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Matt Osga, Reporter

Actors are crazy. Never be an actor because you will most likely go completely insane.

Birdman, in theatres now, is the story of a washed up actor (Michael Keaton) who tries to regain his former glory by directing and starring in his own Broadway show. This movie has been hyped by critics for its dark humor and amazing acting; I disagree. This movie just reminded me how ridiculous films can be.

Although the cast is phenomenal, there are barely any other positives to this movie. First off, the movie takes place inside of a dark theatre for its entirety. There are absolutely no set changes and this makes for some really dull backgrounds. The characters are also narcissistic, crazy, and just plain unrealistic; the director makes you hate the characters, and he gives them absolutely no redemption. Why would someone like Emma Stone get an Oscar nod for a movie that she appears in for a total of 10 minutes? The movie just ends with no real cap to the story. This leads me believe that there is no virtue in ignorance.

The movie needs some real help to save it from its downfalls. If this movie wins any Oscars, I’ll be disappointed. C