The “tea” on the student section


Ryan Hauge

Sartell student section at the Sartell vs. Tech football game on Friday Sept. 13th 2019

Throughout the school year at Sartell High School, students join together and attend games to support the Sartell Sabres. On Friday, September 13th, the Sartell Sabre’s played the Tech Tigers in an intense football game which was supported by many students cheering and showing their school pride. 

The seniors lead the cheers and always try to encourage as many people as possible to join in and support their team. 

Senior, Annette Lahn stated that she “makes sure that everyone most importantly is having a good time and also being respectful to the other team and the other fan section and making sure everyone is super loud.”

There are many cheers to choose from, and trying to come up with a new one is harder than it looks. The seniors try their best to hype up the team and the crowd as much as possible. When asked what her favorite cheer was, Lahn stated that “Shake Your Booty” is her go-to cheer. 

Students are expected to follow all the rules regarding good sportsmanship and treating the other team with respect which all students must remember when attending games.  If you want to learn more about this policy, click here.

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