Tori Gaida

If Amber could steal one thing without a consequence what would she steal?

Tori’s Answer: Wavy Original Lays

Correct Answer: Someone’s dog


What is Amber’s biggest fear?

Tori’s Answer: Flying

Correct Answer: Flying


What are three items Amber always carries?

Tori’s Answer: Gum, phone, and keys

Correct Answer: Water, phone, and money


What superpower would Amber like to have?

Tori’s Answer: To fly

Correct Answer: To teleport


What famous person would Amber like to meet?

Tori’s Answer: Zac Efron

Correct Answer: Justin Bieber


Where is Amber’s favorite place to shop?

Tori’s Answer: American Eagle

Correct Answer: American Eagle


What does Amber want to be when she gets older?

Tori’s Answer: Physical Therapist

Correct Answer: Physical Therapist

Where is one place you can always find Amber?

Tori’s Answer: Noodles or Dom’s House

Correct Answer: Her house, specifically in bed


What is Amber’s go-to song to sing in the car?

Tori’s Answer: “Forever” by Chris Brown

Forever by Chris Brown

Correct Answer: “Spaceship” by Shoreline Mafia

Spaceship by Shoreline Mafia


If Amber could go anywhere in the world, where would she go?

Tori’s Answer: Italy

Correct Answer: Bora Bora