Amber Heun

If Tori could steal anything without a consequence what would she steal?

Amber’s Answer: Shoes

Correct Answer: Earl Gray Tea

What is Tori’s biggest fear?

Amber’s Answer: Spiders

Correct Answer: Spiders


What are three items Tori always carries?

Amber’s Answer: Hand Sanitizer, chapstick, and a snack

Correct Answer: Chapstick, snack, and hand sanitizer                                       


What superpower would Tori like to have?

Amber’s Answer: To Fly

Correct Answer: Fly


What famous person would Tori like to meet?

Amber’s Answer: Lil Tjay

Correct Answer: Lil Tjay


Where is Tori’s favorite place to shop?

Amber’s Answer: Forever 21

Correct Answer: Forever 21


What does Tori want to be when she gets older?

Amber’s Answer: Dermatologist 

Correct Answer: Dermatologist


Where is one place you could always find Tori?

Amber’s Answer: Eating somewhere 

Correct Answer: In the pantry

What is Tori’s go-to song to sing in the car?

Amber’s Answer: “Leaked” by Lil Tjay 

Leaked by Lil Tjay 

Correct Answer: “Leaked” by Lil Tjay 


If Tori could go anywhere in the world, where would she go?

Amber’s Answer: Bora Bora 

Correct Answer: Italy