Summertime Starbucks


During the summer is a time where it is so hot out that you need a nice cold summertime drink to get you through the day. At Starbucks, we tried three fun drinks for the summertime, so we could tell you the best things to get there this summer! Kaitlin tried the Strawberry Refresher, Jordan tried the Passion Tango Tea Lemonade, and Olivia tried the S’mores Frappocino.


Olivia’s choice of Starbuck’s summer drink was the S’mores. When she drank the S’more’s drink, she felt the good ol’ summertime memories. This made Olivia think of sitting around the campfire with family and friends eating s’mores. The drink was really tasty and felt like a cold coffee on your tastebuds. This cold coffee had whip cream toppled on the top, had some graham crackers mixed in with the whip cream to give it more of a s’mores effect. The drink also had a layer of carmel on it, just to make your tastebuds go into a whirlwind. Overall, this drink is a need for the summer time!

RATE:  8/10


Kaitlin’s choice of Starbucks was the Strawberry  Lemonade Refresher. This drink is full of tiny dry strawberries and a taste of sweetness that keeps you wanting to drink more. This drink is like a sweet and sour taste. It is one fun looking pink drink you just have to try! This drink is a go-to drink that should be one of your new favorites.

RATE:  9/10



Jordan tried the Passion Tango Tea with lemonade. It was very refreshing, but a little bit too sweet. If you need a summer refresher or need a little bit of sweetness to brighten your day, try this drink!

RATE: 7/10