The LeSabre’s outrageous brownie bake off


Krista Brinkman

Kaitlin and Olivia ready to take on the bake off challenge.

Two young women at Sartell High School take on a challenge and go face to face to win this heart-wrenching challenge:  Kaitlin Koch and Olivia Brinkman. The bake-off began, but the real question is who was the better baker and who took home the reward of winning?

Kaitlin’s Turn

Kaitlin Koch
This is Kaitlin’s brownie mix for her scrumptious brownies.

Chocolate Fudge Brownie Perfection Ingredients:

-Fudge Brownie Mix

-2 eggs

-1/2 vegetable oil

-Chocolate Fudge Icing

-Colorful Sprinkles

-Eye looking design (Sprinkles of some sort)

Kaitlin Koch
This is Kaitlin’s pan before she put it in the oven.

First, we are going to start off with judging Kaitlin’s chocolate fudge brownie perfection. This brownie tasted of chocolate and was a delicious, mouth-watering dessert. She added colorful sprinkles to give a fun spark of color to this chocolate galore brownie. She also added a fake-eye type of sprinkles to this brownie, so that it would give a fun experience for people eating it and making it. This brownie ended up being delicious and loved by many others. She and her family said that she will have to make it again so that they can have it for dessert again.

Kaitlin Koch’s mom, JoAnn Koch, said that she really enjoyed this brownie. She said that she loved the chocolate the most. JoAnn said that she liked the brownies the same and could not choose. She liked different aspects of both of them and couldn’t decide.

Olivia Brinkman
Kaitlin Is mixing her ingredients together.

Kaitlin Koch’s dad, Karl Koch, said, that he really enjoyed the chocolate over chocolate taste that this brownie had. He said it was delicious and was very proud that his daughter had the ability to make it taste this good. He also said that both of the brownies tasted good, but said that he liked Kaitlin’s more than Olvia’s. This was only because it had more chocolate than Olivia’s.

This is what Kaitlin’s brownies turned out to look like.

Kaitlin Koch
This is Kaitlin’s finishing touch to her scrumptious chocolate fudge brownies.

Overall Review:

Taste: 4/5

Appearance: 3/5

Freshness: 4/5

Total: 11/15



Olivia’s Turn

Olivia Brinkman
This is Olivia’s box that she made her brownies with.

Pink Scrumptious Brownies

-Milk Chocolate Brownie Mix

-2 eggs

-1/2 vegetable oil

-Pink Icing

-Pink Sprinkles

-Eye looking design (Sprinkles of some sort)

Olivia’s mom, Krista Brinkman,

Kaitlin Koch
This picture is of Olivia pouring her mix into the pan.

Olivia’s dad, Mike Brinkman, said that he liked both of them the same and couldn’t choose which one he liked better. He said they turned out well and that he couldn’t stop eating them for the rest of the night.

This is what Olivia’s brownies turned out:

Kaitlin Koch
This is the finishing touch of Olivia Brinkman’s brownie.

Olivia’s mom, Krista Brinkman said, that she loved how there was not so much chocolate on hers like Kaitlin’s had. But overall, she said they both turned out well and she would eat both of them.

Now we are going to talk about Olivia’s scrumptious pink brownies that will have you wanting to eat more. Her brownie tasted very soft on the inside and had a sugary taste from the icing as well. The brownies she made were milk chocolate, and had pretty pink frosting on the outside, along with pink sprinkles and cool eye sprinkles as well to give it something that no one will forget. Olivia says that her brownies give you a sensation that will want you to keep eating more.

Overall Review:

Taste: 3/5

Appearance: 4/5

Freshness: 5/5

Total: 12/15


This bake-off was a very close tie, Olivia did come out with a whopping 12/15 and Kaitlin scored an 11/15. Olivia won this bake-off, but in all, they both turned out well and would want to eat either of them at any time of the day.