Florida school teachers carrying guns in their classrooms?


photo via Flickr.com, under the creative commons license.

This is a picture of the students from Parkland shooting taking a stand, and fighting against future school shootings.

In Florida High Schools, a bill is being passed by official lawmakers since last year’s mass shooting at a Parkland High School.

In the Parkland mass shooting, there were many parents that did not have a chance to say their last goodbyes to their kids when they went off to school that morning. Many students were killed and injured, and now Florida is officially taking a stand and are going to make a bill saying that the teachers are able to have a gun in their classroom for protection services.

According to www.miamiherald.com, after about seven hours of angry and painful debate about race and gun violence that lasted for two days, the Florida House passed a bill that states classroom teachers need to be armed because of the Parkland shooting.

photo via Wikimedia Commons, under the creative commons license.
This is a picture of President Trump addressing school shootings.

A student at Sartell High School, Olivia Brinkman says, that she does not think that it is right for teachers to be armed because she is afraid that other kids could find it, and it would just end badly.

According to the source, www.dw.com, this bill enables teachers in the school districts to carry a weapon in the classroom after passing a 144-hour training program and undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. Since the Parkland mass shooting, the survivors have become the most vocal advocates for gun control and safety. This bill is mostly for the safety of the survivors and future students safety in Florida.

photo via vimeo.com, under the creative commons license.
This is a representation of the police addressing the Parkland high school shooting.

A student from Sauk Rapids High School, Sidney Kremer, says that she feels that it would be good because it would end up saving a lot more people by being prepared.

According to an article by www.reuters.com, this bill is to plan ahead and aim for preventing another massacre like the Parkland shooting. Florida’s House of Representatives voted 65 to 47 to pass the bill after hours of debating. President Donald Trump was also in on this plan, he said that an armed teacher could provide the best defense against a shooter or mass murder.

photo via wikimedia commons, under the creative commons license.
This is a picture of the kids from the Parkland shooting staying together and taking a stand against school shootings.

A student from Maple Grove High School, Ryan Miley says, that he thinks it would be good in the long run but only if they have a firearm license and if they have done training.



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