Why is Minnesota referred to as “Minnesota Nice?”


photo via picserver.com under the creative commons license.

This is the sign of Minnesota on a highway. Minnesota is known for being "Minnesota Nice."

Everyone has heard of Minnesota nice. How is it possible that Minnesota is the nicest state out of all 50?

Minnesota is a terrific place to live. This state has great schools, great health care, good entertainment options, and wonderful arts. When people move to this state though, they have to learn really quickly to be “Minnesota Nice.”

photo via wikipedia.com under the creative commons license.
This is a picture of a map for Minnesota highlighted.

According to www.thrivemnnice.com, they say that we are called “Minnesota Nice,” because of being polite and friendly, we try to avoid conflict, we are resistant to change things, and we have a lot of emotional restraint so that no one’s feelings get hurt.

Kayla Fimrite from Sartell High School says that she thinks we are Minnesota nice because we tend to be polite and friendly to people around us.

According to www.startribune.com, people that visit or move here say that the transition can be difficult for many. They say that they have visited many other states, and when they visit Minnesota, it is a painful culture shock.

photo via dipnote.com under the creative commons license.
This is a picture of Minnesota hosting 5,467 foreign physicians, teachers and others for the visitor program.

Allyssa Hirsch from St. Micheal Albertville High School says she doesn’t think that we are the only ones that are nice because everywhere else she has been, like for example Florida people are very nice as well.

According to blogs.mprnews.org, they say that Minnesota always lends a hand when you really need it. Minnesota is also known for not making a fuss about things, not to boast in public and most but not least not thinking anyone is better than the other.

Some may agree to disagree about if we are considered “Minnesota Nice,” but if our state is known for being the nice state than it most likely is based on our collective state of mind.



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