Deadly shooting at a synagogue in San Diego


Photo Via Pikabay under the Creative Commons License

Last Saturday a shooter entered a synagogue and killed one person and injured three.

Tragedy struck last Saturday, April 27th, when a lone gunman open fired in the Poway synagogue located in San Diego, CA.

The 19-year-old shooter killed one and injured three others. The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department has him in custody and is interviewing the 100 people who witnessed this deadly attack.

The mayor of San Diego has stated that the attack was a “hate crime” after occurring on Saturday, which was the last day of Passover. The shooter has been charged with one count of murder in the first degree and three counts of attempted murder in the first degree. The San Diego police force has no evidence of the alleged shooter working with an organized group and believe that he acted alone without outside support.

We are a Jewish nation that will stand tall; we will not let anyone or anything take us down. Terrorism like this will not take us down.”

— Yisroel Goldstein

After shooting in the synagogue, the gunman fled the scene to his car. After witnessing the attack, 51-year-old Oscar Stewart rushed at the suspect as he was about to leave in a vehicle. Stewart stalled the shooter long enough for the nearby Border Patrol Agent to fire at the car as it drove away. The police caught up to him and arrested him with four charges.

The leader of the congregation is rabbi, Yisroel Goldstein. Goldstein gave a press conference on Sunday regarding his face-to-face encounter with the shooter. The rabbi stated that the shooter pointed the rifle at him with no remorse. Goldstein was shot in the hands and lost an index finger during the attack.

Goldstein and the rest of the congregation would have had much more of a catastrophe if not for the heroic actions of 60-year-old, Lori Kaye, who was killed in the attack. As stated from witnesses and Goldstein himself, Kaye jumped between the shooter and the rabbi and put herself in danger in attempts to save the rabbi. Kaye was at the synagogue to say a prayer for her mother when this disaster emerged. Yisroel Goldstein praised Lori Kaye by stating that she was “the example of kindness to the fullest extent.”

The other injured congregants include Noya Dahan, Almog Peretz, and Yisroel Goldstein. Noya Dahan is eight years old and was injured in both her face and her leg due to the shrapnel. Almog Peretz was Noya’s uncle and was injured by shrapnel trying to protect his niece. Yisroel Goldstein, as stated earlier, was the rabbi and he was shot in his hand.

The rabbi has called for unity and peace after the attack. The congregation is coming together in support of the injured and the deceased, Lori Kaye. Continually a GoFundMe campaign has been started for the victims of this crime. Money donated will help pay for the medical bills of the injured. To donate click here.