1. Little Italy- North Beach

May 1, 2019


photo via flickr under the creative commons license

Little Italy has an inviting and rich culture backed by generationally perfected cuisine.

Big urban centers, particularly those that began on the coasts in America tend to have their own neighborhoods dedicated to the home countries of immigrants that came here. As generations have continued to flourish, these districts have become unique in not only their commitment to the traditions of their origins but have spun some of the greatest innovations to their heritage.

Little Italy is a warm, slow, and welcoming section of an otherwise fast-paced city. Little Italy is in the northeast area of San Francisco and is near Chinatown and Russian Hill. The neighborhood has a park frequented by dog owners, Frisbee throwers, and sunbathers alike to get out of the winds of the shoreline and just enjoy the sun. It also has a large range of Italian restaurants with one in particular, Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, which hosts a margarita pizza of international acclaim that is only sold at a selective amount on certain days.

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