Local community, Sauk Centre, has its own haunted hotel


This is a picture of the front of the front of the building.

Sauk Center, MN is home to a local, haunted house that is well known throughout the state.

This place is called The Palmer House.  It was built in 1901 in the small town, and it has a little spark to it. This house is a hotel that you can stay overnight and have breakfast in bed.

Warning though:  be careful if you stay overnight here because people say it’s haunted. The stories say you might hear balls bouncing down the hallway. On your way up to 2nd floor, you may see a little boy with blonde, sandy hair and green eyes that is not actually there. Randomly in the middle of the night, you might hear young kids’ voices.

If you want to get a spook, stay in either room 11 or 17. They are known to be more haunted than others.  The rooms at The Palmer House are designed just like when they were first built. You can get a room with or without a jacuzzi. A basic room starts at $65.  Rooms with a little more start at $75.  Jacuzzi rooms start at $125, and a double Jacuzzi suite will start at $175.

My first impressions of The Palmer House were that it did not really seem like a hotel.  It was on a corner and was a big brick building. I could tell that it was older by just seeing the rickety sign hanging up. When I walked up the steps, I was not expecting to see what I saw.

I first saw the steps going upstairs to the hotel rooms, and by the steps was a desk to check in. On the left side of the room were just a bunch of decorations that you could look at and see the uniqueness of it. The right side of the room was the kitchen.

All the decorations really speak to how old this place is. Some of the decorations were beds with quilts on them and some were of mannequins standing there in olden days outfits on them.  They also had clocks all over. We went over to the kitchen and this young woman greeted and welcomed us to come sit down at one of the tables. We sat down and got menus right away. As she took my order, I sat at the table talking with my friends.

As I sat there waiting for my milkshake I did notice the walls were very old looking, and I thought the walk up area was very old. The little walk up area where you can just go up to it and eat was very astonishing to me.  There were glasses hanging up and wood cabinets. As we were done sipping on our milkshakes and The Palmer House adventure was coming to end, I did not hear any young kids talking or balls bouncing down the hallway.  I did have a lot of fun enjoying the architecture and décor around it. Maybe someday I will stay overnight to see if there are any haunting going around this house.