Check out the local animal shelter near you


Kaitlin Koch

This is the main entrance of the Tri County Humane Society in St. Cloud Minnesota.

Many SHS students enjoy having pets in their homes. They give happiness and warmth to most people. The Tri-County Humane Society located in St. Cloud, Minnesota opens at 12 pm every day. You can go there to get all the happiness and warmth you need!

The main thing about going to these organizations is that you learn how they operate, find out about volunteer opportunities, and how you can donate to the shelters. This shelter creates opportunities to give animals a great life.

Olivia Brinkman
This is another sign so that you can see where this humane society is located.

The tri-county humane society has been here for quite some time. They opened up in 1989. These organizations (what does this mean? like animal shelters in general have been around since 1974?) have been around since 1974. Becky Davis was the founder of this organization and has continued to run this place. Becky founded the St. Cloud animal shelter? 

A normal day in this shelter consists of cleaning and getting everything ready to go by 8 am.  Every kennel and cage gets wiped down and changed, the food and water is distributed to all the dogs and cats, medications are given if they need them, toys are provided to pets and every floor is swept and mopped to be ready to open.

Olivia Brinkman
This is one of the cats that were at the humane society looking for a loving home.

If you want to volunteer at this shelter there is an application that needs to be filled out at the shelter itself and is found online as well. You have to be at least 10 years old to volunteer but if you are under 14 you need to come with a parent.

The coordinator of this organization will contact you to get an interview and give you an orientation. The shifts are two hours a week, but they are pretty flexible with how long you want to volunteer for. Usually, people volunteer once a week, even maybe twice if you are retired or really passionate.

Kaitlin Koch
This is a dog at the humane society.

One thing that gets asked often is how they can financially support all the animals in this shelter. The people who worked there said that they use most of their donations to support the animals. Anyone can bring in toys and items as long as it’s in good condition.

This shelter is not really considered a kill shelter, but if it needs to happen for the animal’s sake they will do it. They will kill the animals if they are harming people or if they are sick and not able to function on a daily basis. The adoption rate is about 93-95%, and most animals are bought. They take animals into the shelter starting at two months.

Kaitlin Koch
This is a dog that is waiting for a caring and loving home.

The amount of supplies that this organization goes through in a day is 25 pounds of litter, a bag of dog food a day, a bag or two for cat food and everything else is reused and washed such as toys.

The amount of dogs and cats that they are able to have is 24 dogs and 80-90 cats. They send the other animals to other shelters if they do not have any more capacity in the shelter.

The Tri-County Humane Society gives lots of love for their animals and the people that buy them.



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