How many pounds of milk does a dairy cow produce in a day?


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This pictures show that the cows are in their stalls to make milk that will be sold eventually.

In Sartell High School/St. Stephan, there are many families that chose to be dairy farmers for their livelihood. Some say milk is very important for people to have in their bodies. It gives you certain minerals that help you live a healthy, normal life.

I wondered, though, how many pounds of milk does a dairy cow produce in a day.

Milk gives people minerals that are important to their development for healthy bones and teeth. One glass of milk contains 305 mg of calcium in it. A glass of milk on a regular basis can help prevent osteoporosis in a person’s later years.

A cup of milk that contains 305 mg of calcium a glass.

According to, a cow that is milking eats about 100 pounds each day of feed. This is a combination of hay, grain, silage, and proteins, plus vitamins and minerals. Farmers are professional animal nutritionists that develop scientifically formulated balanced and nutritious diets for their cows to stay healthy.

Cameryn Brinkman from Long Prairie High School says, they usually milk their cows twice a day, and they give like 30-50 pounds of milk each time, so it’s around 100 pounds for one day per cow.

According to the article, The average number of cows that are in a milking herd is 80. Dairy cows live in tie-stall or a free stall setup. Farm managers of larger herds prefer large open barns known as free-stall barns. Twice a day, or even more, the milking cows enter a milking parlour that is designed specifically for the ease and efficiency of milking. When the cows aren’t milking, they spend their time lounging around indoors in adjoining barns to eat, rest and move around as they choose.

According to the article, the United States milk sales in 2011 fell to their lowest levels since 1984. An average person consumes over 20 gallons of milk over the course of a year. In 1970, people went through 29.8 gallons of milk in a year. Each year the amount of milk that is being consumed is decreasing in the United States. The milk is decreasing because not a lot of people are drinking milk enough in their daily lives.

photo via Wikipedia Commons under the creative commons license
A row of milk that is being sold in grocery stores today.

Jacob Middendorf a farmer, from Long Praire High School, says that cows can milk up from to 17 to 40 pounds, however, if you milk them twice a day they can produce more.

On average 8 gallons of milk is being bought in a grocery store a day. 8 gallons of milk would mean drinking 128 glasses of milk, which is a lot of milk to drink. All around the world milk is bought, but it is very popular in grocery stores.




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