Retail apocalypse: Is this the end for the retail store?


Christopher Herron

original picture of the Shopko building in St. Cloud that is going out of business.

Christopher Herron
An original photo of the Sartell Walmart sign.

According to a St. Cloud Times article titled “Shopko to liquidate, close all stores – including St. Cloud’s” by June of this year the clothing and grocery store Shopko will have fully filed for bankruptcy and close all remaining stores including the two locations in St. Cloud. 

The location at 461 2nd Street does not have set date for closing but the location on the 501 US 10 highway will close May 12th of this year according to the “shopko closing locations pdf sheet” available to the public.

Christopher Herron
Original photo of Amazon’s Fulfillment warehouse in Shakopee, MN

It is not a surprise as other popular stores like Sears are also going out of business.  This is likely because of rise and popularity of online shopping, such as the multi billion dollar company Amazon.

According to “The Houston Chronicle” the number of retail stores closing has doubled to more than 4,000.  Places like Payless, Shopko, Performance Bicycle and many more are already filing for bankruptcy, while businesses like Macy’s, JCPenney, Nordstroms and many others are closing dozens of stores. 

According to an article by Digital commerce(360) titled “Amazon’s product sales climb nearly 20% in 2018, “ in the last year Amazon made 25.6 billion dollars.

The top retail store only made 13.5 billion dollars according to How Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Makes Most of Its Money,” an article from The Motley Fool.  That is a difference of 12.1 billion dollars.