Halo: The Master Chief Collection is being released to PC later this year with Halo: Reach


Noah Gaffy

Halo: Reach will be coming to the gaming world soon.

343’s, The Master Chief Collection (MCC) is going to be coming to PC later this year along with the long requested, Halo: Reach.

Getting the MCC to PC has been requested by the Halo community for years, and it’s finally happening. The game will be released one game at a time to the steam market and Microsoft store. The games are coming out one at a time so that 343 can make sure they are running properly. 343 even stated that they wanted the game to be a full-fledged PC game with all the features of other PC titles.

A picture that shows some of the characters from Halo: reach. This photo is from HaloWaypoint.

Along with the MCC being added to PC, Bungie’s last title, Halo: Reach is being added to the game. For players who already own the MCC on XBOX, they will be given access to the multiplayer and forge mode. Unfortunately, players can only get access to the campaign and firefight mode by purchasing it, but that probably won’t stop players from reliving the memories of Reach.

Players are going to be given access to the multiplayer mode of reach where they can play all the classic game modes from the original game like infection mode or big team battle. The game will also be getting custom games where players can create their own game modes and play with other friends. Custom games was one of the biggest parts of the original game with thousands of maps and modes made by the community.

A view showing part of the forge world where players can create different maps. This photo is from Halo Fandom.

Forge mode is also being given for free to players where they can create their own maps to be whatever they want it to be. The only real limitation of the forge was the imagination of the player building.

The campaign of Reach is going to be available, along with the rest of a game, after paying a fee that can be comparable to when Halo 3: ODST was added to the MCC, which was only five dollars. The campaign itself consists of 10 levels, so the game should last anywhere from six to significantly based on the difficulty chosen.

A picture showing a snapshot from the game mode, firefight. This photo is from Noah Gaffy

Firefight is the game mode that lets players fight an endless onslaught of covenant forces with the only objective of taking out as many as possible getting the highest score possible. What made Firefight mode on Reach unique was how players could modify the game to make themselves either completely unkillable or have it so that the slightest breeze would knock them down. Players could give themselves different weapons to use and give them infinite ammo. Firefight was really just where players went to feel what it was like to really be a spartan.

The link to the MCC PC trailer can be found here.