It’s Kaitlin’s turn to take Covergirl’s products to the test and review them.


(Simply Ageless Instant Fix Advanced Concealer)

The first thing that Kaitlin tried was concealer. At first, when she put the concealer on, it looked darker than her skin tone but when she blended it in, it ended up matching. The quality of this concealer was a little watered down it felt like, but it showed up nicely when she was done applying. There was not much cakey-ness on the face, but every once and awhile you could tell that she was wearing concealer. This product felt thick and watered down, and was creamy but thick at the same time. The bottle was so confusing to adjust to.  You had to turn it to get the product out. It literally took 10 minutes to finally open it. The way you had to dab the product onto the face felt weird and not natural. Kaitlin sort of liked the product, but she will not use it in the future.



This photo shows how CoverGirl’s simply ageless instant fix advanced concealer showed up on Kaitlin’s face.


(Trublend Super Stunner Palette)

The second thing that she tried was the highlight. The highlight was glowing with shininess and stood out. It looked really nice on her, and she enjoyed it. The highlighter was very sparkly and made her make up look good with a nice touch of sparkle. It definitely lightened up her face, she looked glowy and just overall made her sparkle. The highlight stayed on for most of the day, at the end of the night it started to wear off a little bit. Overall, she really enjoyed this highlight and will wear it again sometime in the future.



This photo represents the highlight that the Covergirl Trublend super stunner palette gave Kaitlin.

Eye Shadow

(Covergirl Eye Enhancers 3-Kit Eye Shadows)

The third thing that Kaitlin tried was eye shadow. The eye shadow didn’t apply very well. The brush was really old style and did not do justice to the eyes. The colors were pretty, but not very much to choose from. It stayed on for an hour or two and was very disappointing after that. It was not very pigmented at all; it was light and did not stay on as long as I thought it would have. Overall this eye shadow will not be used again. But if you want to go for a light palette with not much pigmentation, this is your guy.



This picture shows how the Covergirl eye enhancers 3-kit gave Kaitlin’s eyes to look like this.


(Covergirl Exhibitionist)

The fourth thing that she tried was mascara. The wand of the mascara was really nice, I liked that it covered all the lashes in one swoop. This particular wand was made for no clumps, which is what she likes in a mascara. This mascara made Kaitlin’s lashes appear longer but did not give the full effect that she likes. I feel that if you apply more of this mascara, it will give you a more full effect though. Overall, this mascara will definitely be used quite often, because she really enjoyed this product on her eyelashes.



This picture shows how Covergirl Exhibitionist gave Kaitlin longer lashes.

Overall Rating of Covergirl’s Products




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