Do schools really prepare students for the future?


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As high schoolers some of us are nearing the end of our school life, 65.9% of us will go off after their senior year and attend college, the other 34.1% (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics) will get their diploma and attempt to get a blue collar job with a high school education. So the big question is are schools really preparing students who choose not to go to college the real life-skills they need to function as adults?

According to Lucy Cosslett of The Guardian the answer is NO, from her article titled Schools don’t prepare children for life. Here’s the education they really need”. In the article, there is a large emphasis on how schools are failing to be more open to their students academically.  In the article, Cosslett talks about that by opening students to larger branched studies, schools can help them be more prepared for post-education life.

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Life as adults are not the only subject schools are falling behind in. With college tuition rising and subjects that were once critical for getting into a college becoming mute, more and more high school graduates are starting classes to find out that all of their hard work and classes they had to take aren’t enough to get into their desired aspiration. According to a interview in an article by The Hechinger Report written by  Sonja Brookins Santelises titled “Are high schools preparing students be college- and career ready? A Louisiana high school student named Tre after taking the bare minimum of classes as instructed by his high school counselor entered his local college to be told by his college counselor that he did not take even close to the amount of classes he needed to take to get into his desired program.  After doing some research, Santelises realized that this type of problem is very common for incoming college students.

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According to another Hechinger Report article titled “Most colleges enroll many students who aren’t prepared for higher education” said that back in 2014-15 school year, data showed that out the 911 two-four year colleges that were interviewed revealed that 96% of all students that enroll in their school are required to take remedial classes before being allowed into their desired program.

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