Kaitlin Koch and Olivia Brinkman

These are pictures of all the thrifty stores that we went to.

Three nifty thrift shops where you can find name brand clothes

Minimum wage job. Only 4 hours a week. A desperate need to shop. But no money. What is a teenager to do?!?  

Sartell students who are on a tight budget, but still like to look nice and wear high-end brand clothes, should definitely venture to these three local thrift shops:  Margo Mundi’s, Plato’s Closet and Rush.







Rush Boutique

Olivia Brinkamn and Kaitlin Koch

We walked into this thrift shop, and immediately got greeted into the store by this young woman. She was very welcoming and made us feel happy and excited to start shopping. Right away our eyes gravitated towards the prom dresses, accessories that were placed neatly everywhere, and clothes organized on racks near the front of the building. Rush had plenty of choices with fun colors that drew your ...

Margo Mundi’s

This thrift store is a closest out of the three stores that we ventured to. Its local to the area and a lot of people are aware of this place. We walked into the store and the lady greeted us asking if we were looking for anything specific, I felt like the environment could be better, at times I felt that it was a little scattered and claustrophobic to be in. I like that it is local and the invent...

Plato’s Closet

When we first walked into Plato’s Closet,  there was an abundant of racks with clothing that was all organized by sweatshirts, long sleeves, T-shirts, shorts, pants, and shoes mostly but many more. Some of the brands were put into a certain section like for example pink and Lululemon. The brand selection that they acquire consists of American Eagle, Vans, Hollister, and Pink or whatever is sold in...

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