Sugar Rush is a new, exciting show on Netflix


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This picture represents the Sugar Rush show, on Netflix that is super fun and exciting!

Sartell High School teachers see students watching Netflix quite a bit (like while they are supposed to be working on in their homework), and they must wonder to themselves What can possibly be more interesting than what I’m lecturing about?!?

The answer to that is probably the new exciting show called Sugar Rush, and it will keep you on your toes wanting to watch more.

This show is where they make and design cakes, cupcakes and are against components to bring home a whopper of a $10,000 grand prize. In this show, time is of the essence when opponents race against the clock to showcase their best work to the judges.

Senior Tessa Schwinn, at Sartell High School, said “It’s such a good show; it keeps me wanting to watch more. I love it!”

While watching this show, you will notice that it is super competitive and there is a lot of drama that goes on in this bakery show. You can feel the stress in your veins when you are watching Sugar Rush because you can feel the tension between components that go up against one another.

Senior Miah Gessell, that goes to Sartell High School says, “They make good cakes that look good to eat.”

Personally, I really enjoy this show. It is a very good show to watch when I am doing my homework and it never gets old to watch. One thing I love about this show is that it is very competitive and always wants you wanting to watch more. When I am doing homework, I usually throw on a new show called Sugar Rush, and it truly makes my day happier and easier being at school.

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