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Going green has never been easier with these awesome tips!

Saving the planet starts with you!

Going green is super easy and critical to helping restore the Earth’s pristine condition. The world is dying because of all the pollution and oceans littered with plastic. It is time to take a stand and help restore the planet’s natural beauty. There are so many simple ways to help save the planet that take little to no work at all.

Jenna Eibes
Make sure you are contentious about the amount of water you consume and use.

      1. Pay attention to water consumption

Make sure when you are brushing your teeth that you turn off the water while doing so. Leaving the water running wastes way more water than what needs to be used. Also, taking shorter showers can make a huge difference.

     2. Start biking and walking more

Fossil fuels released by cars can have a significant impact on the environment. Reducing the number of greenhouse gases produced by a vehicle can be very beneficial. Not to mention, biking or walking will help clean the air while keeping you in good physical health.

     3. Reduce, reuse, and recycle

Waste has a very negative impact on our environment. By throwing recyclables into a recycling bin instead of a trash bin can help make sure these materials are reused and don’t litter our oceans. By recycling, you also help these used goods find new purposes.

Jenna Eibes
Recycling plastic, aluminum, and paper can help find a new purpose for used materials.

  4. Turn off lights when you aren’t in the room

Leaving your lights on when you aren’t home or when you aren’t in the room can be detrimental. Make sure to be environmentally conscious when it comes to lighting your home. Using ENERGY STAR light bulbs can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well.

    5. Use reusable shopping bags

When you are heading to the mall to do some shopping, make sure to bring your own environmental friendly bag. Reducing the amount of plastic bags used can help save mother earth and our oceans. Plastic bags sit in landfills and then drift to coastlines. These bags often pollute the ocean and harm marine life.

6. Ditch the straw

Jenna Eibes
Make sure to turn off the lights when you leave a room!

Straws, among many other things, pollute our oceans every year and end up killing and/or harming our aquatic ecosystem. You do not need a straw but if you prefer to use one, reusable or metal straws are the way to go. These substitutes help keep the oceans clean and sea life happy.

    7. Spread awareness!

Sometimes all you can do is educate the people around you about how important it is to keep our earth clean. Spreading the word to friends and family can have a ripple effect. Once one person knows the facts they will change their behavior and help spread the word.

To learn more about how to save our earth, click here.




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