If vacationing to Canada, a teenager must know CanCon music

National flag of Canada the maple leaf.

Photo via WikiMedia Commons under the creative commons license

National flag of Canada the maple leaf.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons under the creative commons license
Logo of the CBC Radio Network

As this school year draws to a close (in 3 months), I thought I would write an article with some tips on how to enjoy some CanCon.

What’s CanCon? CanCon is short for Canadian Content, a highly enforced law from our friends up north (Canada). The law states that at least 35% of all content in Canada has to be made or performed by an artist/band who is based and from Canada which includes radio. I decided to create this little guide as the seniors get ready for post-graduation trips because Canada is a popular trip for postgraduate teens.   It’s always nice to know some tips about what music to listen to or look out for when traveling.


Here are some bands/artists you might or might not know that are Canadian. You can look out for these artists on the road:  Bryan Adams, Drake, The Weeknd, Celine Dion, Neil Young, Gordon Lightfoot, Rush, and many many others.

Here are some popular radio channels you might run into as you’re zooming down the highway: CBC Radio One(99.1), The Move(93.5), CHUM(104.5), INDIE88(88.1)

Road trip? Here are some good Canadian road trip songs to add to your playlist:  “The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald” by Gordon Lightfoot;  “A Case of You” by Joni Mitchell;  “Helpless” by Neil Young; the still very popular classic “Life is a Highway” by Tom Cochrane; “Runnin back to Saskatoon” by The Who; “I’m with you” by The Stills; “North East South West” by the Japandroids; Carly Rae Jepsen’s  “Run Away With Me”; “Hey Rosetta” by Seeds; “Bridge to Nowhere” by  Sam Roberts; “Hand in my Pocket” by Alanis Morissette;  “Sunday Morning” by K-OS;  Shawn Mendes’s hit  “Treat You Better”; “Summerfling” by K.d. Lang; and “Spirit Radio” by Rush. 

photo via Wikimedia Commons under the creative commons license
A picture depicting Canadian television content.