Anime: rules, tips, and tricks to enjoy Japanese entertainment


Photo via Snoworld under the creative commons license

Collage of different popular anime’s.

photo via under the creative commons license
A collage of different anime characters.

So you want watch some anime? But you don’t know a darn thing, well this article is just for you, I’ll be going over some rules, tips, and tricks to enjoy anime.

First the rules:

  1. Don’t watch dubs, unless you really want to and there are no sub choices listed, this rule can be exempted but on any other occasion, subs rule over dubs.
  2. No matter how many you watch you will be asked, “What’s the best anime you have ever watched?” There is a good possibility that you haven’t watched their favorite anime.  If this does happen, never tell them your actual thoughts, be safe and pick something popular like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures or Sword Art Online.  
  3. Don’t tell everyone about the fact that you watch and enjoy anime. It’s like fight club’s first rule:  Don’t talk about fight club.  If you do, you’ll be looked upon as the weird anime kid or worse a weeb.
Photo via Wikimedia Commons under the creative commons license
Logo of VRV by CrunchyRoll anime website/app

Now that we’ve gone over the rules lets go over the tips and tricks.

  1. If the title is long, it’s most likely really good, like “My Teen Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected.”
  2. If its a manga and you can get it, read it  Most animes are abridged from a manga of the same title.  They are usually quite different from the anime itself.
  3. Watch a variety of different anime’s. Your watchlist should have animes ranging from slice of life to murder mystery.
  4. Stay away from unlicensed anime sites and apps.  You never know what will happen. I myself use VRV by CrunchyRoll but there are tons of other apps and sites you can use risk-free.