Which one is better: Spotify or Apple Music?


Photo via Wikimedia under the Creative Commons License

Which music service do you use more?

At Sartell High School, many students have their earbuds in a good part of the day, but what are they listening to?  For most, it’s either Spotify or Apple Music. The question is which one is better?

One of the options is Spotify. Spotify is a music service that enables users to find millions of different songs on numerous record labels from a smartphone, laptop, iPad and many other devices.

According to cnet.com, many enjoy listening to Spotify because it has unlimited skips. With this option, you can skip as many songs as you would like if you buy the premium version.

Senior, Maddie Hedlund at SHS, shared, “Spotify because it’s free and more convenient to use. I knew about Spotify before I knew about Apple Music. I also like how Spotify is set up and how you can find new music easier on this service.” 

Spotify also updates and gives you access to new singles that just came out. For people that do not have the premium version, they are allowed access to new songs as well, instead of waiting to listen to them.

The other popular option is Apple Music. Apple Music is a streaming service, designed by Apple.  It was introduced in 2015. It gives users access to listen to their own music collection as well as millions of tracks in the Apple Music library.

According to digitaltrends.com, the reason why many people use Apple Music is that they have a set of artists so that the service can get a taste of what type of music you enjoy listening to so that you can have the option of suggestions.  

A Senior, Madisyn Ellevold at SHS, said, “I prefer Apple Music because you don’t have to buy a song for a dollar something, you can get everything on iTunes that they have for not a lot a month.” 

Apple Music has a great radio function that offers live radio 24 hours a day so that you don’t have to keep changing songs when you’re busy.

No music streaming service can be perfect. These services of music are very popular, but there are pros and cons that many people at Sartell High School do and don’t like about each service. If you are a streaming lover than you might want to choose Spotify because that is a very popular streaming service. If you enjoy listening to radio stations that you might want to choose Apple Music. They offer a whopping 24 hours a day service, that will not disappoint you with their radio songs.

Personally, I feel that I am most comfortable using Spotify. I like how efficient and how it is set up more than Apple. I think that it is easier to use, and since I have used this service for so long, I don’t think I could go back to any other type of service.

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