Costco sells 27-pound tub of mac’n cheese


photo via Wikimedia under the creative commons license

The finished product of Costco's mac'n cheese after following instructions.

Costco has recently been selling an $89.99 tub of macaroni and cheese on their online website that weighs 27-pounds and has a shelf life of 20 years.

Mac and cheese lovers may want to get a Costco membership after they have recently posted a 27-pound tub of macaroni and cheese on their online website. The warehouse giant Costco got a lot of attention this week. Buying in bulk comes in handy, but there are mixed opinions on this new updated feature.

After learning about this new option Senior, Laurel Nebosis replied, “I would definitely not buy that.”

Perfect for a hungry college student or doomsday prepper, this tub of elbow pasta and cheddar cheese sauce has 180 servings, at about 50 cents per serving. Many people don’t even know that this option is out there.

When asked if she had heard about this new option, Laurel stated, “No, I’ve never heard of it. It doesn’t sound appetizing at all.”
Now, this is not as bad as it seems. According to Costco, the pasta and cheese are in separate bulk pouches with oxygen absorbers to protect the quality and long shelf life. Another plus is that the buckets transport and stack easily.

Bad news preppers, this product has already sold out. However, Costco is already on the move to make more mac and cheese. With six 30-serving zip-sealed pouches of Cheddar Sauce Mix and six 30-serving zip-sealed pouches of elbow macaroni pasta, the tubs are being sold at a high-speed rate.

If you want to see the 27-pound tub for yourself, click here

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