Sartell swim winning streak ended after Alexandria defeat


Noah Gaffy

Sartell and Alexandria’s logos. They swam against each other on January 31.

The Sartell Sabres swim and dive team had a crushing defeat against the Alexandria Cardinals last Thursday in an away meet, ending their three-year long streak of being undefeated in dual meets.

Sartell swim and dive had been undefeated for over the past three years in dual meets. This year was to be no different except for when the Alexandria team threw a wrench into the works. The coach, Jason Anderson, scored the meet out multiple times on paper, always ending with the Sartell team ahead by less than ten points. Both teams knew the score would be close, and close it was with a final score at 98 to 87.

In the medley relay, Sartell A team got 2nd with a time of 1:43.33. The Alex A team took first with their final swimmer, Garrett Maras, when he out-touched Sartell’s swimmer, Beau Garman, at the end of the race by only six tenths of a second. The Sartell B and C relays finished the race in the third and fifth position.

The 1 meter diving was where the Sartell team was able to pull ahead. Sartell divers were able to win first, second and fourth, giving Sartell a good boost in points. Calen O’Connell was the diver that took first overall with a score of 186.90. Daven Nelson had a great day of diving getting the lettering score for the first time and officially becoming a varsity Diver.

The Sartell relay of Jesperson, Sathre, Zhang, and Larson took second place overall for the varsity 200 freestyle relay being out-touched at the end by Patrick Chromey of Alexandria by only 0.05 seconds. The race was as close as it could’ve gotten.

The last event of the meet was the 400 free relay. As the Sartell boys walked up to the blocks, they had one goal in mind: win. Unfortunately every swimmer on the relay swam about two seconds slower than what they could’ve swam. Some even swam five seconds slower.

Sartell swimmer, Alex Lyon, stated, “It was fun while it lasted.”

Even though Sartell lost the meet, they look forward to Conference championships this weekend.