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The Low Down on Kinesiology Tape

January 17, 2019

Have you or one of your friends ever experienced an injury that you would need to receive kinesiology tape for recovery?  There is still a mystery when it comes to kinesiology tape as to if it is actually beneficial to the human body, and if it’s a recovery process.

Cortney Carlson
Emma Gent shows off her KT tape before dance practice.

Kinesiology tape is an adhesive tape that provides support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the bodies range of motion but is designed to facilitate the bodies natural healing process. Many physical therapists and chiropractors use this adhesive tape on their patients to help with several injuries. The tape can help with facilitation, pain, support, and stability, swelling and reducing scar tissue. The tape can be used to help with muscular firing and contractions which can normalize muscular tone which will ultimately help improve the athlete’s performance. It can also decrease pain and muscle spasms that occur after an injury.

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I was given the tape from Williams Integracare Clinic. I feel like it worked for me because everything felt more stable and not so loose. It helped get me through practice and competitions without any pain. ”

— Cortney Carlson, Junior

There are over 50 different brands of kinesiology tape that can be found at stores such as Walmart or Target. Some of the most popular brands are KT Tape, RockTape, and Kinesio Tape. When asking the student body of Sartell High School 55.8% of the 120 students said they did not receive the tape from a physical therapist or doctor. Although it may be important to talk to an athletic trainer or a doctor because athletic tape is different then kinesiology tape. Athletic tape restricts motion while kinesiology tape is used to facilitate motion and inhibit pain and spasms. So this means if you have an injury that needs restricted motion then kinesiology tape is not meant for you, and it is important that you consult a doctor.

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I got KT tape when my Physical Therapist recommended it to me. I use it during dance season because it helps with my shin splints. ”

— Emma Gent, Junior

When asking the student body about their experience with the use of kinesiology tape 65.8% of students reported that they had used a form of kinesiology tape for an injury. A whopping 70% of the students stated that the tape worked and was beneficial to the injury they had. 61.5% o students have knowledge on why the tape is used but 49.5% of students reported that they did not see long-lasting results after using the tape.

There is some controversy on if the tape is actually working or if it is all mind games. The tape was created in the 1970s by a chiropractor, and in the recent years, there have been some studies that have been conducted due to the increased interest in the tape and its possible benefits to athletic injuries especially. The studies are still being done, and there is little we know about the tape and how it might affect certain bodies and certain injuries.

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