Rare December tornado leaves 1 dead


photo via wikipedia under the creative commons license

An EF2 tornado touched down last week. December tornados are very rare

People across the Midwest were left cleaning up debris after an extremely rare December tornado that left one person dead. 21 other people were injured in central Illinois. The National Weather Service confirmed tornados in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and central Illinois.

The National Weather Service sent teams to Taylorville and areas along the Illinois River to survey damage. The assessment came back where it showed several houses flattened and other homes with huge holes, and roofs missing.

Most people were informed with plenty of time to get to a safe spot, with around a 40 minute heads up. The 21 who were injured were from Taylorville and included a 9-year-old and a 97-year-old. Doctors said three of the injured were taken to a hospital in Springfield in serious condition, but most were released within hours.

The tornado has been confirmed as an EF2 and had winds of up to 135 mph. It is going to take a while to repair the damage to those affected.

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