Vikings vs Seahawks, hard lose for the Vikings


Photo Via Wikimedia under creative commons license

The Vikings logo for the Minnesota team.

On Tuesday, December 11, the Vikings were playing the Seahawks at Seattle. This wasn’t just some ordinary game though. The Vikings were playing for a spot in playoffs, currently in the wild card spot, with the Seahawks. For how big of a game this was for the Vikings, they sure blew it for a playoff spot.

The game had a very slow start. There were no points scored in the first half of the game. There were some rushing yards from both teams, but it was just really a punting game in the first. Seahawks defense was shutting down Kirk Cousins, with Seahawks having multiple chances to have an interception. Kirk still had some great throws in the first half to Stephan Diggs and Dalvin Cook. Russel Wilson had two very good rushing yards for himself in the first half.

In the second half, 14 minutes in, Russel Wilson was sacked for a loss of 5 yards. After that play, the first point was for the game with Stephan Janikowski making a 37 yard field goal. Around the 12 minute mark, with the Vikings having the ball, Kirk was sacked with yards lost. There were seconds left in the second half and the Seahawks were just yards to making a touchdown. Russel Wilson on that play was sacked, throwing the football to nowhere, with Eric Kendrick intercepting the ball for no touchdown.

There was no touchdowns in the 3rd quarter of the game from both teams. The two teams both made good progress getting the ball down the field. Dalvin Cook made really good rushing yards during the 3rd. There was two minutes left in the 3rd, and the Vikings were on 4th down and 1. The Seahawks were successful with stopping that gain for a lst down.

To start the 4th, the Vikings defense came out strong with a sack on 2nd down and goal. At the 13 minute mark, Janikowski made a 35 -yard field goal. After the field goal, Vikings offense came out strong with Kirk Cousins throwing a nuke to Stephan Diggs. At the six minute mark, the Vikings were going for a field goal which was blocked by Wenson. Close to the end of the game, Chris Carson, ran two yards for a touchdown. Russel wanted to go for the two point converison, having it be successful to Tyler Lockett. Kirk Cousins fumbled the ball, after the kick with Seattle scoring a touchdown. Just a few minutes left in the game, The Vikings finally get a touchdown, from Kirk to Dalvin Cook. The final score of the game was 7-21.

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