Claire’s Collection: week 5


Okay, so this is sort of a niche collection of songs in that I really only listen to them for just one part of the song. These are my favorite parts of songs. Enjoy.

“Asking For It”- Shinedown (2:06)

I love how much is going on at this part of the song. I think it’s really cool that the voices are harmonizing, so it’s not just one voice, and that they’re changing pitches. I really love when things like that change pitch without rearticulating, as you’ll find out in the rest of this article. I love the crash cymbals and the fast guitar in the background too.

“O, Porcupine”- mewithoutYou (3:27)

I originally wasn’t going to include the quiet part a few seconds before my favorite part, but I think that the quiet part actually really adds to it. I adore the contrast and quickness of the change to the loud part (I really don’t know what else to call the two components of this section). I think it’s cool that it kind of sounds like an old chamber choir, then quickly transitions to two men singing with their whole hearts. I love that it sounds like they’re almost desperate to relay their message, that they really want you to hear what they’re saying. The fast pace and intensity of the song really draws me in.

“Just Drive”- Four Year Strong (2:29)

Again, this is part where the voices are changing pitch without rearticulating, and there’s a really cool harmony. I think the drum solo is pretty cool too, it’s not super often that I hear artists combine the two.

“Alex”- Teen Suicide (2:08)

I’m really not a fan of this whole song, and I absolutely hate this band’s name, but this part is just so cool. There’s so much going on between the drums, voices, and guitars.

“Eventually”- Tame Impala (3:29)

I mentioned this song before at least once, but it truly is one of my favorite songs. I wanted to draw attention to this part of the song because I really can’t think of too many songs that are very similar. I love Tame Impala’s electronic sound mixed with conventional guitars and drums and whatnot. I love the beginning part, with the percussion crescendo into the like, wavy electronic part, and then everything just stops for a second. However, my favorite part is the continuous synth pitches in the background.

“Visions”- Maroon 5 (3:08)

I love the steelĀ drums and tropical sort of vibe in this song. I also love Adam Levine’s voice, so that helps a lot.

“I Turn My Camera On”- Spoon (1:16)

In this part of the song, the main guitar continues, but there are some extra added hits, and then there are some background vocals that sound really cool.

“I Need Some Sleep”- Eels (1:36)

(Yes, this song is from Shrek 2.) I love the bells that sort of sound like sleigh bells in the background, along with the high glockenspiel hits in the background. This song is something really relaxing, and I just really love this part.

“Let It Happen”- Tame Impala (6:14)

I love that the sound the guitar makes is thick. Like, that’s a really weird way to describe a guitar, but that’s the best word I can think of. It’s a really unique sound. I like the pace that the guitar moves at, so it seems long and short at the same time. I also love the quick bass hits in the background, it gives the song a lighter feel.

“Cemetery Gaits”- Los Campesinos! (3:21)

This is another song that sort of sounds like it was sung by a choir because of the harmonization. I love the addition of the crash symbols because it’s like chamber choir meets modern day music.

“Forever Young”- Alphaville

I absolutely adore the horn sounds in this song, because it’s not something you normally hear in popular music. Obviously, the horn is synthesized, because no brass instrument that I know of can make a sound that cutting, but it’s still a really cool idea. I especially love when one horn part fades to the background and another takes its place

“Summer Was a Day”- Pete Yorn (2:57)

Unfortunately, I was unable to include a clip from this song in my video. However, I can provide the link for it on YouTube (My favorite part starts at 2:57 and goes until the end. This song is also on the Spotify playlist). I love that there’s a part where there’s a harmony, but then in the background, he still sings a little bit, and there’s a wavy chord playing in the background. It’s such a cool combination.



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