The Varsity Kick Team Prepares Before Performing (Heidi Reitz)

Sartell Dance Show 2018

November 19, 2018

This past weekend at SHS the Sartell Sabre Dance Team showcased their new routines for their upcoming season. Along with the Sabre dance team, other local high school teams and studios performed as well. High school teams as far as Brainerd and Totino-Grace and as close as Tech and Sauk Rapids came to reveal their dances to the community. There were two shows at 12 pm and 4 pm and the crowd was packed.

I was overly excited to dance and I just couldn’t wait to get on the floor one last time.”

— Savannah Dyer, Senior

The varsity team uncovered their kick and jazz dance themes which are Egyptian for Kick and Kissing You from Romeo and Juliet for jazz. The kick dance starts with an intricate beginning with “Cleopatra” walking down the center of the gym. For jazz, the team switches things up from last year by taking the lyrical, contemporary route to create a story through their choreography. The brand new junior varsity team showcased their kick and jazz dance as well. Their kick song is a mix of pop songs and their jazz is “Deep Waters” by American Authors. This year is the very first year for the Sartell Dance Team to include a junior varsity team.

In addition to the unveiling of the dances, Sartell Dance Team Alumni performed for the last time in the high school gym before moving onto the new high school next fall. There was also an entertaining guy/girl show that performed at the end of both the shows.

Head Coach Kelly McCarney Q&A:

1. What are some goals you want the team to achieve as the season goes on?

To continue to improve at each meet and continued growth throughout the season. Also, that each athlete is giving 100%, 100% of the time.

2. How do you feel about the team after seeing them perform for the first time? 

Excited and motivated. We have two amazing routines, and we have the potential to be the best we’ve ever been this year!

3. What is your overall thought on this year’s dance show and how does it differ from last year’s?

Each year the dance show slightly differs based on the teams we have performing. Having our competitor Totino Grace here this year was an added bonus to perform for them. The alumni coming back and having so many alumni dancers and parents come back to cheer us on is always a highlight of the dance show. And we don’t host any meets this year, so after it was over I realized that it was the last time we will perform in that gym.

Captains Kathleen Harthan & Reese Schwarzentraub Q&A:

1. How does it feel being a captain and what is different about having that title compared to being just a senior?

Kathleen Harthan: It feels great being a captain, and I feel kind of different leading stretching but the whole senior class helps get things done.

Reese Schwarzentraub: There is not a big difference in being a captain but there are more jobs, and I am having a lot of fun with it.

2. What is a goal you want this team to achieve by the end of the season?

Kathleen Harthan: Getting super close and being the best that we can be because we have so much potential.

Reese Schwarzentraub: I hope that every girl on the team does their absolute best and gets more out of the season than just dance.

3. What makes this year different than the previous years of being on the team besides being a captain and a senior?

Kathleen Harthan: We have a very young team, and we are a lot closer than we have been in past years.

Reese Schwarzentraub: The only thing that’s different about this year is that it is my last year so I get to cherish every moment with the team more than I would with previous years.

4. What will you miss most about dancing on the SSDT after you graduate? 

Kathleen Harthan: Having an outlet of the outside life and getting to see the team and dance every day.

Reese Schwarzentraub: The thing that I am going to miss most is the great team aspect that we have. I don’t think any other team in high school has a bond that we do.

SSDT Dancers Q&A:

1. How did you feel performing for the first time?

 Brenna Harrington (freshman): It was such a good feeling! It was nice to get some weight lifted off your chest for the first performance. The best part was the team and fans cheering for you! Definitely, an experience I will never forget!

 Ellie Schoenberg (freshman): It was very unreal, and I have dreamed about it ever since I was little.

2. Being it your second year on the team, how does this year differ from your freshman year?

Amber Teer (sophomore): It feels so much better being more experienced and I feel more confident.

Julianna Moore (sophomore): I think that I feel a lot more prepared, and I know what to expect. I also feel like I have a better relationship with the girls and the coaches.

3. As a junior and upperclassmen on the team, what are you looking forward to the most as the season progresses?

Maddy Ouart (junior): I’m looking forward to accomplishing new things with this team, and I feel like we can reach our goals, make memories, and take it to the next level this year.

Lexi Magedanz (junior): For this team to improve and get more confident in our dances with each competition.

4. How did you feel knowing that this was your last time performing in the Sartell gym and participating in the Sartell Dance Show?

Izzy Kucala (senior): It was a mix of being sad but also very exciting being able to perform for everyone one last time.

Savannah Dyer (senior): I was overly excited to dance, and I just couldn’t wait to get on the floor one last time.

If you were not able to make it to the dance show and want to witness the Sartell dance team and other teams in action or want to see them again here is a list of upcoming competitions.

Upcoming dance competitions:

  • November 30th: 1st CLC @ Sauk Rapids high school
  • December 8th: Eastview Invite @ Eastview High School
  • December 15th: Academy of Holy Angels Invite @ AHA high school, Richfield
  • January 5th: Edina Invite @ Edina high school
  • January 11th: CLC Championship @ Apollo high school
  • January 19th: Totino Invite @ Totino Grace high school
  • February 2nd: Sections 4AA @ Alexandria high school
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